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TransitGraphics’ current capabilities include:

Corporate identities and branding

New logos and icons and visual standards to provide a clean and fresh approach whilst, at the same time, becoming attractive and still portraying what the client offers.

Publication design

Our key focus is on the production of Transport Access Guides and information; however, we are highly competent in the production of magazines, brochures and other publication materials including Annual Reports.

Wayfinding strategies

A sound reputation for analysing and determining wayfinding dependencies in order to produce a hierarchy of wayfinding elements from which to navigate to, and identify, areas within a chosen environment. Documenting wayfinding schedules would also be created that are easily interpreted by the client, manufacturer and installer.

Photoshop in situ mock up

As a visualisation tool for signage prototyping approval.

Project Management

Providing services including preparing briefs, tender documentation, prototype evaluation, manufacturing capability assessment, onsite supervision, defects reporting and As Built handover reports.

Graphic design

Design of wayfinding elements to an international standard that are easily recognisable within the public environment. Using colour, symbols and typography, designing maps, line diagrams, signs and other supportive graphic material.

Illustration, diagrams, cartoons and drawings

To suit any need required for uses such as diagrammatic applications, student learning or visual representation of clients’ services and products. We are extremely proficient in the production of mapping animations using 2D and 3D perspectives.

Signage, for wayfinding, access and information provision

Materials include timetable information, maps and signs. Understanding the requirements of signage design within the public domain where consistency, visibility and durability are the primary elements from which to base a signage system that meets DDA responsibilities and is sympathetic to its environmental landscape.

Interior and exterior design and fit out

Recommendations for related projects including information kiosks, centres, local roadshows and offices.


Including websites and multimedia creative, screensavers, animations for PowerPoint using Flash and gifs.


TransitGraphics has compiled materials for projects Australia-wide. TransitGraphics provides copywriting facilities on a daily basis for all clients including the production of material for websites and customer information brochures.


TransitGraphics holds a large file of photographic images of all modes of transport operated throughout Australia. The images are used extensively on existing material including Transport Access Guides. Our staff are also well experienced in the sourcing of images including the usage of digital cameras for high quality photo shoots for branding or service delivery.


TransitGraphics maintains a leading role in cartography services for many Government and private transport companies. TransitGraphics was the originator of the current format of road centre line mapping that is now used across Australia and especially in the timetables used by numerous bus companies.

Creative direction

TransitGraphics provides creative direction on a daily basis. Typesetting, print, dissemination (ie letterbox drop) and production management are also included.

Research and development skills

TransitGraphics takes a leading role in continuously researching current market trends and best practice standards across the globe. This knowledge is brought together within specific projects to ensure simplification in production and understanding of customer information. Our research skills have led to a network of key contacts across Australia and internationally that are called upon almost daily to learn and adopt new ideas for information creation and dissemination.