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An outline of our experience within the passenger transport industry

TransitGraphics is a leader in the provision of transport information products and materials. Our extensive experience is not only Australia-wide but also worldwide. We are constantly looking out for new and better ways to promote public transport as the viable alternative and also helping the travelling public to better understand the services and facilities offered by transport providers.

We are thoroughly familiar with Australian design standards, especially the standards placed upon transport operators by the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and visual signage standards. We have carried out extensive research in the development of transport material and enjoy our standing as the leading supplier of transport information products Australia-wide.

TransitGraphics has access to a wide range of transport related materials that are used worldwide to help promote transport usage and enable better understanding of transport integration - always ongoing - and we are able to verify, through our expertise, versatility and experience, our ongoing commitment to the transport industry locally in Australia.

We also maintain, design and assist in the production of transport information for all Australian capital cities excluding Perth, cities with a combined population of over 10 million people.

TransitGraphics also provides high level advice and has been commissioned by various clients to undertake the following projects:

  • Undertook a study to review public transport information provision in Australia’s major cities and London, New York and Berlin to provide a base for the way forward in production of Adelaide’s new transport information provision.
  • Produced a detailed report for the provision on bus stop infrastructure and information for Adelaide, South Australia.
  • Produced a detailed report on route numbering and zonal numbering systems for Adelaide, South Australia.
  • Produced reports regarding green building certification and public transport options for various clients.
  • Produced reports on passenger information provision and recommendation for better production methods, implementation and customer use for various clients.
  • Worked with focus groups in relation to customer information production and effectiveness for various clients.