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brisbane bus map

One of the hardest tasks operators deal with daily is the ability to convey to existing and potential passengers the ability to interchange and connect with other services operated either together or separately. The ability to convey to a user the knowledge that by using bus to bus, bus to train, train to tram, train to ferry combinations will open up new frontiers for them.

TransitGraphics is a leader in the production of transport mapping throughout Australia. We have been pioneers in the development of road centre line based maps, mapping using third party bases including Gregory’s and UBD, as well as stick maps and non-geographic spider maps.

Our designs and styles have been copied throughout the world and have become a benchmark for North American transport operators in the way they provide information to customers.

TransitGraphics establishes a hierarchy of map information on all jobs which usually consist of, but limited to:

  • ensuring all timetables have a clear and concise map covering only the region serviced
  • ensuring maps do not suffer from clutter or over use of colour; this may include limiting the stop information numbering system and points of interest to only a 400 metre adjacent area
  • appropriate street naming and formatting of all streets the service traverses on
  • including mains streets adjacent to allow for wayfinding
  • displaying relevant attractors and significant landmarks only
  • showing a key or legend
  • arrows to assist users in understanding the direction of route

By providing detailed network mapping and service information users have the ability to see first-hand locations for connections and where to make convenient mode changes. Our extensive mapping abilities can help you open the frontier for transport options and encourage new users to your services.