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Transport Access Guide

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Is parking a problem? Here is one way to fix it now!

By promoting the public transport alternatives, your staff and visitors have the opportunity to arrive relaxed and stress free, increase their physical activity, Guidesreduce the need for parking spaces at your site and help the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Do your staff and visitors have access to quality understandable transport alternatives?

What is a Transport Access Guide?

A Transport Access Guide is a concise presentation of how to reach a site using public transport, walking or cycling. Its objective is to inform the public of access to public transport as well as to simplify travel and highlight key points of information. It can take many forms – from a map printed on the back of business cards or invitations, to more comprehensive information such as a booklet or large format map.

Transit Graphics specialises in producing Transport Access Guides for all organisations such as hospitals, shopping centres and universities for their own premises and for events they organise.

Groups of businesses, in the same or neighbouring buildings, can also enjoy the benefit of having a Transport Access Guide.Guides

No need to worry about what’s out there to use or where to start, our information experts will research and source the appropriate travel information that is tailored for your specific needs, interpret it in an easy to understand format, and produce a Transport Access Guide for your business to distribute through printed or electronic means.