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Our Team

It takes special people to take an interest in all things transport related and our team has a large range of skills, know-how and experience to suit. They are talented, quirky and sometimes weird, but that's what makes them creative and suited to their roles.

Whilst most of our clients are located across Australia and the world, if you are ever in town, pop in and say Hi!

John Mikita

Founder + Director + Infographics Guru

John established TransitGraphics in 1998 with a vision to create a one-stop shop for public transport operators across all print, web and signage medias. Since then, John has built up TransitGraphics to become Australia's only truly dedicated Transport Branding Agency solely devoted to creating a seamless customer experience.

John's experience includes scheduling, bus operation, administration and marketing for many of Australia's private and Government transport companies.

Through John's expertise in the transport arena and his ability to understand and put into practice customers' infographics needs, TransitGraphics has ongoing client bases in almost every Australian capital city or State/Territory.

John enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with the vision to ensure that public transport remains a viable alternative for all people, whether they live in populated and built-up cities or small country towns.

John is regarded as one of Australia's leading experts on matters relating to transport information production and trends. He enjoys promoting the belief of thinking like a passenger and trying to change industry thinking and practice that has been, for decades, more about operational requirements.

In his spare time – and not much of that – he has a devotion for his family, religion and friends, but let's not forget his reputation as being one of Australia's biggest Lego fanatics.