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Social Media

Web Design | Social Media | QR Codes | Building a better website

TransitGraphics can help you develop a social media platform that would best suit you and that is tailored to transport operators’ requirements.

Social media can help transport operators to:

  • educate passengers and potential passengers
  • engage passengers
  • involve passengers in decisions
  • solicit and receive passenger feedback
  • evaluate the feedback
  • build trust
  • be a quick and easy-to-use platform to advise passengers of service changes or interruptions, trip planning, timetable info.

We can provide a strategy that will:

  • generate a comprehensive social media plan
  • consider content and means of delivery
  • consider cyber-security and privacy issues
  • consider legal considerations
  • provide a fully built social media presence and handover to the operator to maintain
  • provide ongoing maintenance of the social media platforms.