• community ownership
  • minimising disruption and impact
  • increased patronage growth
  • enabler of mode transformation
  • customer touch points

For the past 20 years, everything we do has been designed towards enhancing your customer’s experience. At the heart of every project is unsurpassed performance borne from the latest technology and trends by people with a passion for helping you get your customers to their destination. It is precisely what customers come to expect from Australia’s leading transit communications team. Transitgraphics’ innovation, by way of passenger information techniques and technologies, helps deliver a switched on environment for your customer’s experience.


research, planning, alignment

Key stakeholder workshops

Research and sentimental mapping

Customer experience, culture and behaviour

Illustrations, diagrams, cartoons and drawings

brand & culture

Brand and identity creation

Brand positioning, narrative and message development

Key stakeholder alignment

Brand touch points, planning and execution

major campaigns

Vision and agenda setting

Behaviour change / mode shift

Advocacy marketing


Repositioning and repackaging

Experience and events

Behavioural change concepts

always on

Ongoing progress updates, education, interruptions, milestones, success, issue prevention and management

government tendering

We work with the world’s largest transit agencies to deliver tools and products for successful government tendering


TransitGraphics works to develop new passenger information standards across several major Australian cities.

From new printed timetables in Adelaide to websites in regional Queensland, TransitGraphics continues to be the ultimate business partner. TransitGraphics is recognised as Australia's leading transport infographics supplier since 1998.

Graphic design

We know how important it is to go the extra mile for a design solution to suit your needs.

If it’s a new style, unusual shape or a challenging assembling, we have the skills and resources to create something for you.

We have access to state of the art printers and resources with the latest papers and finishes for that unique and professional touch.

Web design & development

Strengthen your web presence with easy to navigate and beautifully designed web pages.

We develop using modern technologies and Content Management Systems like WordPress to ensure your website is both functional and scalable. We offer a full web solution including design, development and hosting.

We are also able to integrate various SEO and analytics support to ensure your business stays relevant online.

Cardboard models

We produce unique marketing collateral in the form of cardboard models. We create a wide range of models from construction vehicles to airplanes and can even create a unique model for your needs.

We have produced over 600 different models to date and have even produced large scale cardboard models. For more information contact us or visit the website below to see some of the models we have produced.

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Diecast models

We produce 1:76 replica diecast bus models and pride ourselves on the high level attention to detail ensuring that every aspect of the model matches the real life bus.

Each model spends several months in development from perfecting the livery to test-prints using blue resin 3D printing, and continual revisions, until at last we can deliver a product which captures the true marvel of these buses

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